May 8, 20231 Minutes

Yorkshire Bike Shack Review

Started what I thought would be a quick refurbishment and clean up of my old bike. But when it took me the best part of half a day to attach and try and tension one brake cable, I realised I was very out of my depth.
So a call to the bike shack for some advice ended with me taking the bike in to the workshop rather late in the day. The young man in charge took the bike in, asked what was needed and said he would do the work then and there! Excellent!
Talked as he worked about bikes, motorbikes and cars, and needed up learn8mg much that I didn’t relise or know about my bike. It appears I’ve been doing things wrong for, give it take, 40 years!
I’m very grateful to the bike shack for the service provided, which also got me some snazzy cable end caps and a new stand.
I’m hoping I can get to the bike maintenance workshops and maybe even one of the advertised bike rides.
Thank you to all those that do such good work getting folk out and about on two wheels. And finally having  been advised that my chain is a bit worn, I expect I will be in again soon for them to be changed.
I’m grateful for your help.