January 30, 20233 Minutes


When riding in a group there are things riders can do to make sure the ride is enjoyable for all involved. These tips make the ride easier and safer for all involved.

Here are a few tips and hints to get the most from your ride.

  • As a ride leader I spend most of my time during the ride at the front of the group. This means I am the first to spot hazards on the road. I can out any obstructions to riders such as pot holes, debris, gravel, glass, oncoming vehicles etc. This information needs passing back to riders further back who may not hear of see any instructions I am passing on. Communication down the group is essential for rider safety.

  • Hills. When riding on the flat the pace of the ride will be kept at a pace where nobody is struggling. When it comes to hills rides tend to split up as not everybody will climb at the same rate. The ride will stop at the top of the hill at a safe place until everybody is back together.

  • Ride as close to the rider in front as you feel comfortable with. Ride two abreast. This is inline with the highway code. the line of riders is shorter and cars can overtake quicker and safer. on narrow country lanes it may be necessary to ride single file due to the width of the roads.

  • Food and drink. You burn calories quickly when riding. make sure you have some snacks with you to keep your energy topped up. On hot days you will need to drink more. make sure you care carrying enough or even better more than you think you may need.

  • Spares. Every bike is different. The ride leader cannot carry a vast array of spares. Make sure you have at least one spare inner tube, a pump and a multi tool with all you may need for your bike.

  • Clothing. The weather can change while on your ride. There is nothing worse that setting off wearing a jacket and half an hour later its 30 degrees and you are uncomfortable and vice verse. look at the weather and dress appropriately. Its worth it for comfort. Helmets while not compulsory for adults on our rides it is recommended. For junior riders ( U16 ) helmets MUST be worn.

The most important this to do though is enjoy the ride and watch out for each other.